FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules Would Break the Internet

C-Net’s Marguerite Reardon’s at it again, with a new piece on the goodness of the FCC’s proposed rules on “Open Internet.”   http://www.cnet.com/news/fccs-position-on-net-neutrality-hasnt-changed/

She spends the whole article mouthing soothing platitudes from the talking points Comcast prepared for her.

I can’t believe anyone is so stupid as to believe these rules won’t terribly harm consumers.  So I can only guess that Maggie’s on Comcast’s payroll.  I felt strongly enough about it to leave the comment below on the C-Net website:


This article, coming on the tails of Ms. Reardon’s magnificent piece rationalizing the unbearable goodness of the TWC – Comcast merger has me utterly convinced that Ms. Reardon’s 100% on Comcast’s payroll.

She regurgitates Comcast’s and Wheeler’s talking points, 1,2, 3 right down the line, without any measure of objectivity.

But of course, Ms. Reardon.  The FCC rules will change nothing.  We can rest easy. Continue reading “FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules Would Break the Internet”