Ralph Nader, GO HOME!

An open letter to Ralph (Spolier) Nader:
Ralph Nader
Still my beating heart! It can’t be so!
OMG! I was just swept away with emotion when I that heard you – Ralph Nader – were going to step into the 2008 presidential race.
We are so damned lucky!
Just what we need, another spoiler in the race.
You were absolutely instrumental in getting George Bush elected in the 2000 election! Great job! Without you, Gore would have certainly won.
Now, I suppose this announcement means you’ve decided to throw your weight behind McCain or whoever the republicans put up? Great.
Thanks entirely to you, Ralph, and your 2000 presidential bid, George Bush has:

  • gotten us hopelessly involved in a war in Iraq
  • gotten us hopelessly involved in a war in Afghanistan
  • alienated many of our former allies
  • taken away many of our civil liberties in the name of national security
  • run-up an historic national debt to finance the wars
  • completely screwed-up the economy of our country

And you Ralph, are personally responsible for:

  • The deaths of nearly 4,000 US servicemen in Iraq
  • The wounding of over 29,000 US servicemen in Iraq
  • The deaths of as many as 89,000 Iraqi civilians from the war
  • The deaths of 479 US soldiers in Afghanistan
  • The wounding of almost 1,900 soldiers in Afghanistan

Ralph Nader: You’re a disaster for this nation. You’ve disgraced yourself and your country. You’re directly responsible for the deaths and injury of thousands of innocent people.
If you had any class at all, you’d commit Seppuku right now!
But you don’t have any class, do you?
It’d be hard to out-do the devastation that George Bush has wrought on this nation. But if you do run this time, I’m wondering what new and wonderful things we have to look forward to now? Famine? Floods? Nuclear war? Pestilence?
I can’t wait…
Ralph Nader: You wouldn’t even have my vote for dog-catcher!
Michael Pellegrini