Click! Networks should get out of the cable TV business

There’s been a discussion lately about the viability of Click.  It seems the Cable TV business is losing money – in part through the rising costs of programming content, and partially because of the way the city cooks their books, writing off capital construction costs of the network.

The wholesale internet business – where Click sells wholesale bandwidth to the three local ISP’s (Rainier Connect, Advanced Stream and Net-Venture) is making a whopping 60% profit!

Click’s idea is that the internet sales should subsidize the cable TV operation.   To me, that’s stupid.

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Another Love Letter to Marguerite Reardon…

C-Net’s Maggie Reardon wrote another PR-release, fluff piece for Comcast on the issue of the Comcast-Netflix peering/extortion issue.

In this supposed, “learned” explanatory piece, Ms. Reardon details all the thousand reasons Comcast embodies all that is goodness and right and how NetFlix is a horrible bandwidth hog, free-lunch expectant monster!  Yeah, right. 

Here’s the piece:  C-Net article: Comcast vs. NetFlix

It’s obvious who’s paying Maggie’s salary.  So I called her on it.


Yes Maggie, it’s obvious you are indeed a shill for the Telco’s.

A few years back, Ed Whitacre, who at the time was the CEO of AT&T, came up with the bright idea of creating a new revenue stream for his company.

He wanted to charge Google and others like them for connecting to his end users.  “They’re not gonna ride our pipes for free” was his battle cry.  There was a great deal of negative publicity and a huge outcry.  And so Whitacre’s plan went down in flames.

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FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules Would Break the Internet

C-Net’s Marguerite Reardon’s at it again, with a new piece on the goodness of the FCC’s proposed rules on “Open Internet.”

She spends the whole article mouthing soothing platitudes from the talking points Comcast prepared for her.

I can’t believe anyone is so stupid as to believe these rules won’t terribly harm consumers.  So I can only guess that Maggie’s on Comcast’s payroll.  I felt strongly enough about it to leave the comment below on the C-Net website:


This article, coming on the tails of Ms. Reardon’s magnificent piece rationalizing the unbearable goodness of the TWC – Comcast merger has me utterly convinced that Ms. Reardon’s 100% on Comcast’s payroll.

She regurgitates Comcast’s and Wheeler’s talking points, 1,2, 3 right down the line, without any measure of objectivity.

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Comcast – Time Warner Cable Merger Is Bad News For Consumers


Marguerite Reardon of C-Net wrote an opinion piece suggesting the Comcast-TWC merger would be a good thing.

I wrote the following response:


Maggie Reardon has obviously sold her soul to Comcast.   Her opinion piece is an embarrassment. It looks like most of it was copied verbatim from a Comcast press release.

I’ve never had TWC, but I have had Comcast and they have what can only be termed as horrible customer service. If TWC is worse, so be it, but to consider going to Comcast as an upgrade is simply asinine.

As far as Comcast being an innovator: if I had to name one single entity that’s holding back progress it’d be Comcast. The ostensible public face of Comcast is as phony as a three dollar bill. The truth is they are fighting progress tooth and nail, pouring truly obscene amounts of money into lobbying and PR, all bent to protect their failing business model – they are after all, predominantly a cable TV business. And the Internet is changing the world, and is in the middle of making cable TV obsolete.

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Click! Network Moves to Put Independant ISP’s Out of Business

Click NetworksAfter years of operating in blissful ignorance of the markets they allegedly compete in, Click! has come to the conclusion that they’re in trouble and have to do something, and do it quick!

The fact that they haven’t upgraded their system to DOCSIS 3.0 – like Comcast did three years ago isn’t to blame. The fact that people are ditching traditional cable TV in droves – “cutting the cord” – in favor of streaming media over the internet (like Netflix and Hulu) isn’t to blame.


According to a presentation at the Tacoma Utilities Board meeting last week, and based on a consultant’s study that is over two years old, Click! Networks has finally come to the startling conclusion that their cable TV customer base has stagnated and revenues are down — mainly due to Comcast offering bundled services. But wait, there’s more – they have a remedy:

“Click needs to offer retail ISP services directly to customers, which means competing side by side with the three existing ISP’s. The wholesale model where customers have to buy data somewhere other than Click is the primary reason for the total stagnation of sales that has occurred since Comcast added the bundle…”

What is the connection here? “The wholesale model where customers have to buy data somewhere other than Click is the primary reason for the total stagnation of sales that has occurred since Comcast added the bundle…”

I challenge Click to prove that.

The whole thing is asinine. The wholesale internet-service business model doesn’t have anything at all to do with stagnation of TV sales. Has anyone at Click! even heard of Netflix? Do they read the news? Have they heard of TV antennas? Continue reading “Click! Network Moves to Put Independant ISP’s Out of Business”

Click! Network Responds

And yet another open letter to Click! Network management:

One of your people called me a few days ago to talk about DOCSIS 3.0

I’m sorry, I don’t recall his name.

He was under the strong impression Comcast just rolled out DOCSIS 3.0 here in Tacoma in December 2009.


As I told the guy, Comcast rolled out DOCSIS 3.0 here in the Seattle Tacoma area slightly over a year ago – mid-December 2008. Check out this thread on and please note the posts’ date: DOCSIS 3.0 available in Tacoma

Yes, that’s right: Comcast rolled out DOCSIS 3.0 in Tacoma in mid-December, 2008. The first post in the thread is dated 12-19-2008.

And you guys thought the roll-out had just happened? Seriously? And according to what the guy told me, you’re just now getting ready to ask the city council for money to build-out a DOCSIS 3.0 system?

This really disturbs me.

How on earth could you people have missed a major market event such as that?

The guy I talked to told me that the vast majority of your customers are at the Res 1 level, so that was another reason Click saw no real incentive to upgrade. Well duh! You ever suppose the reason all your customers are at Res 1 is because the other products are so inferior that anyone interested in real bandwidth and real value will go to Comcast?

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Is Click! Network Trying To Commit Suicide? Looks That way…

D'oh!Comcast started offering DOCSIS 3.0 connections here in the Seattle-Tacoma area over a year ago. Where is DOCSIS 3.0 for Click customers?

An open letter to Click! Network Management


Comcast started offering DOCSIS 3.0 connections here in the Seattle-Tacoma area over a year ago. At the time Comcast premiered it’s product here, I called Click! customer service and was assured you were “working” on our DOCSIS 3.0 upgrade and that it would happen sometime relatively soon.

Well it’s a year later, and we still have no upgrade. Comcast customers get twice (or more) the bandwidth we do.

Put this another way – say both Click! and Comcast were selling electricity. Click! sells 10 kWh for $62, but Comcast sells 30 kWh for the same price. That’s what we have with internet bandwidth – Comcast gives their customers double or triple the bandwidth for the same exact price.

And this is a city owned utility! Why should Tacoma residents – who own Click! – pay more for their internet through their own utility? If anything, city utility prices should be less expensive!

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Metered Bandwidth Will Kill Movie Downloads and Stifle Other New Technology

All your bases are belong to us!!!
I was looking at file sizes of Blu-Ray movies today. The average size of 320 current titles was 27 GB – for just the movie alone. You add in all the extras and what not that usually come with a DVD (deleted scenes, extra content, etc) and the size jumps up to an average of 35 GB per movie.

Looking at Comcast’s proposed threshold of 250 GB before they bill you extra, that translates into viewing just nine Blu-Ray movies before you hit your limit – not to say any other internet activities. Just watch nine movies and you’ve blown your cap for the month.

Present Day

Right now, people might watch 2-3 movies a week – mostly rented and viewed on a TV, not a computer – along with maybe some HD sports and other HD content as well (concerts, news, TV shows or whatever). You can stream video content to your PC (from Amazon or iTunes for example) but it’s all small format and not portable to your HDTV.

I don’t know about you, but I hate watching movies on my computer – I have a small 42” HDTV and a good 7.1 surround system. If I want to watch a movie, that’s what I use. Screw the PC.

Other current uses of bandwidth might also include streaming a few hours of music, or buying some songs at iTunes or Amazon.

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Comcast Metered Billing Plan:

All your base are belong to us!A Sneaky Assault on the Future of the Internet.

Comcast recently announced it was considering extra charges for users who consume more than 250 GB of bandwidth per month. After 250 GB, users could purchase additional bandwidth in 10 GB amounts for $15 each.
On its face, this plan sounds very reasonable. I’ve monitored my bandwidth usage before, and I’m what many would consider a fairly heavy user. In a good month, I generally wouldn’t exceed 30 GB of bandwidth. That’s a little peer to peer file sharing, a lot of music streaming, occasional software downloads. Maybe a Linux image here and there.
But if you look closer, this is nothing more than an insidious attempt to hijack the future of the internet.
Jim Lynch over at ExtremeTech called it:

“I suspect that Comcast is making a preemptive attack to hurt Apple and other downloadable content companies. In effect, Comcast is trying to kill the downloadable content market in its infancy. It sees the future and in that future Comcast may be nothing more than the owner of some dumb pipes that carry everybody else’s valuable content.”

ExtremeTech Story

Downloadable movies and other similar sorts of content delivery systems are just right over the horizon. The only thing that’s holding off deployment of downloadable movies is bandwidth.

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More Musings – The Hillary vs. Barack War & Movie Downloads Coming Soon?

Stop calling me Osama...

Democratic Party Commits Suicide

I thought it was bad a few weeks ago, but lately the contest between Clinton and Obama has sunk to new depths.

They continue to battle, back and forth, doing serious damage to each other. All while McCain and the republicans sit happily on the sidelines, biding their time.

It seemed clear – at least until a few weeks ago – that Obama was the best nominee, the one who had the best chance of winning the general election.
Now, that appears in doubt, with McCain gaining in the polls. All due to Clinton’s machinations and smears.

This whole thing is just flat wrong. Politics is a team sport, such as it is. And politicians are supposed to be team players.

But what it looks like right now, is that Hillary Clinton figures that if she can’t be the democratic nominee, then nobody will.

Talk about bad attitudes. I mean I always thought Hillary was okay. I liked her politics as well or perhaps even better than her husband’s. But what we’ve got here is that she’s essentially throwing the election to the republicans because she can’t be the nominee. She’s engineering a republican win. Handing the election to McCain.

The arrogance of it all!

I suppose some of the blame should properly be passed to the undeclared super delegates, as well. No one has stepped in to break the fight up. And they could have ended it easily by declaring – and didn’t.

All this collective stupidity just knocks me out. The demo’s ship is sinking, going down fast, but they’re all still running around fighting about who the captain is gonna be! Insane.

I really wanted to see a democratic victory in 2008. After all this, I’m wondering if I really even want to be identified with a bunch of retards like these people.

Maybe I’ll vote for Nader? Hmmm…. Now there’s a thought!

Movie Downloads Are the Killer App for the Internet

There was a good discussion over on AV Science Forums a few days ago on whether downloads would ever replace Blu-Ray discs. All the Blu-Ray people were talking as if BR was the be-all end-all format. “We’ll never ever need anything else!”


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