A peaceful transition of power is not in the country’s best interests


I cannot imagine finding a person more the diametric opposite of “presidential” than Donald Trump.

His most recent attack on civil rights legend, John Lewis, is more clear evidence of the thin-skinned, undignified, mean and petty person that is Donald Trump. A pathological narcissist. Potentially a Russian agent – our very own Manchurian candidate.

Trump is singularly unfit for any public office.

A lot has been said about the peaceful transition of power lately, and how that makes the United States stand out against the rest of the world. The thought is that we should somehow stomach the fact that a reckless imbecile like Trump could actually become president, and because the transition is going to be peaceful, that somehow makes it better.

Well I call bullshit.

Every indication thus far strongly suggests Trump is a latter-day Mussolini who has zero respect for the Constitution, zero respect for the people and zero respect for the institutions of the United States.

Even if he isn’t a golden-shower-loving, Russian stooge, he’s made it crystal clear that he will work very hard to dismantle the foundations of our democracy. His cabinet appointments have the effect of turning the country over to the corporate oligarchs and religious bigots, many of which have already published agendas rolling back all the regulatory functions and basic missions of their respective agencies, with the goal to demolish everything that’s been built.

Trump’s climate change deniers will dismantle that EPA. His Goldman Sachs people will dismantle the banking laws. His fast food CEO will dismantle the country’s labor laws. His charter school billionaire appointee will dismantle public education. His FCC appointee will dismantle net neutrality. A racist xenophobe who once called Islamism a “viscous cancer” in the body of all Muslims that “has to be excised” will be his national security adviser.   And this trend continues right on down the line with every other appointment he has made.   Every foundational aspect of American society will be dismantled or changed beyond recognition.

The country is in effect, being turned over lock, stock, and barrel to the corporations. This will enable the corporate aristocracy to rape and pillage the people, the economy and the environment with total impunity. And they will.

Once in place, we will likely be powerless to stop them.

This is how Trump will “make America great.” He’ll make America great for the aristocracy, but bad for the serfs.

A more appropriate and truthful slogan for the era we’re about to enter would be the “corporate gang-raping of America,” period.

How can anyone take pride in a “peaceful transition of power” when it’s followed by a bloody gang rape of epic proportions?

This isn’t what the founding fathers had in mind.

Donald Trump is a charlatan, a possible enemy agent.   He’s made a mockery of the office of the president of the United States and is about to preside over the dismemberment of our society and everything good and pure it once stood for.

As the founding fathers wrote in the Declaration of Independence:

“… That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…” 

Heed the words of the founding fathers.   This is not a time to lay back. A true patriot could not and would not tolerate this dire, existential threat we have had foisted on us.

Peaceful transition be damned.