Are the Russians really to blame for the US election hacking?

It could easily be the Russians. It’s that they haven’t provided any real proof at all.

It’s like the recent headlines, “US intercepts capture senior Russian officials celebrating Trump win.” Yeah? So what precisely does that prove? Not a damned thing. There were (sadly) lots of American senior officials celebrating, too. Does that make them Russian spies?

Most of the other evidence is flawed or inconclusive. One of the main hard facts that they said proved Russian involvement were the list of IP addresses they attributed to Russian spies. But a closer look at those IP’s shows that around 42% of the 800+ addresses disclosed are Tor exit nodes and ANYONE could have used those.   Are all Tor users Russian hackers?   Hardly.

The information the spy agencies have thus far disclosed is mainly rhetoric and specious circumstantial evidence. The main thrust is “we have determined Putin is involved and ordered this…” and the report asks us to trust their judgment and take their conclusions as an act of faith – and that I cannot do.

James Clapper is a lying sack of shit and I wouldn’t trust him farther than I could throw him.   He’s had well documented problems telling the truth in years past, like for example, the NSA bulk spying – where he actually lied to congress and got caught. Am I supposed to assume he’s turned a new leaf and now is spouting the truth? I think not. And Brennan and Comey are no better.

The Obama administration’s whole Russian hacking push has the appearance of being extremely politically motivated – an attempt to explain Hillary’s loss and shift the blame away from her. And on that I call bullshit.

While the disclosure of the Podesta emails may have had some impact on her, I don’t believe they were a decisive factor. A much bigger reason for her loss was that she ran a shitty campaign – she used Obama’s 2008 playbook without realizing that things were different in 2016; she failed to listen to grassroots supporters in several battleground states where she also failed to implement a good ground game; she relied on flawed and insufficient polling, so she didn’t have a clue about what was really happening out in the trenches; and finally, she was supremely arrogant in her belief that she was the “chosen” candidate and would easily beat Trump.

On a different level, I also strongly object to the Obama administration manufacturing all this hysteria about Russian hacking as it’s clearly an attempt to divert attention away from the startling fact that the Podesta emails were all true – a fact which Podesta himself confirmed on Meet The Press. The emails document how the Hillary people and the DNC lied, cheated, manipulated and subverted the US primary election process.

It was Hillary’s supreme arrogance that she was the “chosen one” and that her “womanness” would carry the day that denied Bernie Sanders the nomination.   She and the DNC knew what was best for the country and so they ruthlessly shafted the Sanders campaign.illary’s arrogance that she was the chosen one

The whole Russian hacking push is clearly meant to obfuscate that.

We can thank Hillary and her cronies for Donald Trump.

If they had allowed the primary process to play out fairly, Bernie would have been the nominee and every poll at the time showed Bernie beating Trump handily.

Bernie reached many of the same disaffected voters that ultimately elected Trump – people who were tired of the same old political bullshit.

Hillary, on the other hand, presented herself as the ultimate Washington insider. In a year when people were fed up with the same old same old, that wasn’t a strategy designed to win.

So basically, I don’t think it matters who hacked Podesta’s emails, because they weren’t a decisive factor in electing Trump.

It could have easily been the Russians. But it could have just as easily been the republicans – remember Watergate? Stuff like that DOES happen in the United States.   Unless the spy agencies come up with some actual conclusive proof, I’ll keep an open mind to all alternatives.