Goddamned Russians!


I read a lot of news.   In the US, I read the Washington Post, the NY Times, the LA Times, Politico, ProPublica, the Atlantic and the Intercept, among others. From abroad, I read the Guardian, France 24, Der Spiegel, the Jerusalem Post, the Japan Times, and more.

None of those news outlets has reported any actual attribution of the DNC hacks that can be substantiated by more than simple rhetoric. The farthest any of them go is something like, “…while unconfirmed, the administration blames the Russians…”

But an article in the Esquire purports to expose the truth:  it’s those nasty Russians at it again, messing with our presidential election!  http://www.esquire.com/news-politics/a49791/russian-dnc-emails-hacked/

The administration has tried its hardest to divert the public’s attention from the substance of the emails – which cast the DNC officials in the worst light possible – by creating what amounts to an international incident with Russia.   Which I might add, I find reprehensible.

No one disputes that the emails were true. In fact on Meet the Press, Chuck Todd actually got an admission from John Podesta that the emails were genuine:


“Let me ask you just a final question about WikiLeaks. I don’t think anybody feels as if it– be exposed the way your personal and private messages have been exposed. Explain what this has been like.”


“You know, I’ve got, I’ve got, I’ve got a pretty thick skin, Chuck. So you know, what I’ve worried about is to make sure that, you know, this is an unprecedented situation where a foreign power hacked my emails, is working with WikiLeaks and Julian Assange to dribble them out in order to maximize the damage to Hillary and to maximize the help to Donald Trump, who’s adopted, essentially, Russian follo– foreign policy and rejected bipartisan U.S. foreign policy.

So it’s kind of an unprecedented circumstance. But look, my job is to make sure that we’re doing what we need to do to make sure that those volunteers are on doors, on the phones.”

Meet The Press, transcript, November 6, 2016 – http://www.nbcnews.com/meet-the-press/meet-press-november-6-2016-n678646

The emails are genuine.

So to divert public attention from the horrible content of these emails, using a tactic harkening back to Joe McCarthy, they set up the Russians and Assange as supervillains and try to inflame public opinion on that line so the people forget what lying, sack of shit, Machiavellian assholes the DNC officials really are.

It’s a great illustration of the contemporary use of doublethink. And great sophistry.

This article in Esquire is the latest in a long series of planted articles with marginal truth by the Obama administration – all designed to advance their political agenda. And it fits right in with all the other fake news flying around these days.   It’s an approach the Obama administration has perfected, with selective leaks to “friendly” reporters.

The author was obviously fed enough real background to make the piece seem authoritative and plausible. But I doubt much of it’s true.

The combination of gullible reporters and compliant corporate media all makes this possible.

As I’ve said, if this was real, all the other news outlets would be printing it. And they’re not. I could just as easily believe the NSA hacked the DNC as the Russians.