Comcast – Time Warner Cable Merger Is Bad News For Consumers


Marguerite Reardon of C-Net wrote an opinion piece suggesting the Comcast-TWC merger would be a good thing.

I wrote the following response:


Maggie Reardon has obviously sold her soul to Comcast.   Her opinion piece is an embarrassment. It looks like most of it was copied verbatim from a Comcast press release.

I’ve never had TWC, but I have had Comcast and they have what can only be termed as horrible customer service. If TWC is worse, so be it, but to consider going to Comcast as an upgrade is simply asinine.

As far as Comcast being an innovator: if I had to name one single entity that’s holding back progress it’d be Comcast. The ostensible public face of Comcast is as phony as a three dollar bill. The truth is they are fighting progress tooth and nail, pouring truly obscene amounts of money into lobbying and PR, all bent to protect their failing business model – they are after all, predominantly a cable TV business. And the Internet is changing the world, and is in the middle of making cable TV obsolete.

Just like the automobile changed the world, making horses and livery stables obsolete, the Internet is changing the way the world gets its content.  Continue reading “Comcast – Time Warner Cable Merger Is Bad News For Consumers”