Bank of America Screws Its Small Customers

All your money are belong to us...

You think Bank America really cares about its customers?

In mid-August, B of A notified me that there’d been a breech of data with some retailer I do business with, and because of that, they were issuing me a new debit card.  A couple days later, I got a similar notice for my Visa account with them.

The one thing the notices didn’t contain was the name of the retailer who’d been hacked.

Because the breeches involved both my Visa and debit cards, I was able to narrow it down to only three companies that have both cards:, and

I contacted B of A to find out the name of the company.  I figured that’s a pretty basic thing to know, so I could protect myself in the future.  Because any company that was stupid enough to let itself be hacked once could easily let it happen again.

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