Sunday Musings

Steve Bell cartoon
Hillary vs. Barack
The past few weeks, it’s really been getting to me how much the different candidates – from the same party – beat each other up.
I have to admit that when the republicans do it, I tend to think it’s cute. Gee, let’s watch the stupid conservatives self-destruct… It’s a great spectator sport. I think any democrat (like me) feels that way.

But by the same token, when your own (democratic) candidates are doing it, it takes on a slightly different light.

My point is that the past few weeks, the fights between Clinton and Obama have been getting kinda out of control and you have to wonder if they’re going to quit before one does irreparable damage to the other.

I really want to see the demos win this coming election. But my nightmare scenario: Clinton and Obama both sling so much mud at each other in their desperate bids to become the president that they are both successfully excluded from the race.

Talk about big burning bummers.

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