Pay-By-The-Byte Ressurected?

Stupid ISP's
If a “pay-by-the-byte” pricing scheme is necessary for the economic survival of US ISPs, then how on earth are the ISP’s in Asia and elsewhere making it? Here are some current prices from Asia:
100 mb/s symmetrical FTTH – $51/ month US
47 mb/s down, 5 mb/s up ADSL – $6.00 / month
100 mb/s symmetrical FTTH – $36.63 / month
50 mb/s symmetrical FTTH – $30.22 / month
10 mb/s symmetrical FTTH – $27.40 / month
Then Hong Kong Broadband Network offers FTTH with symmetrical speeds ranging from 10 mb/s all the way to 1 gb/s (1000 mb/s), with prices topping out at about $258 per month for the symmetrical gigabit FTTH.
If these companies are making money at those prices – with no bit caps – then why can’t American companies offer the same packages at equivalent rates?

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