Cheney Plays Nuclear Card

Reichsmarschall Von Cheney
Now we’ve heard it all.
Today Vice President Dick Cheney told America that the threat of terrorists detonating a nuclear bomb in an American city: “It’s a very real threat … something that we have to worry about and defeat every single day.”

And then he went on to warn that if the United States withdraws from Iraq, then basically we’re just paving the way for terrorists to plant such a bomb in some US city.

So let’s get this straight. According to Reichsmarschall Von Cheney:
US stays in Iraq = US safe from nuclear terrorism
US leaves Iraq = American cities go boom!

What a bunch of unmitigated bullshit!

Cheney actually expects anyone to buy this kind of tripe? And this coming from the people who brought you Iraq’s wonderful “Weapons Of Mass Destruction” and Saddam Hussein’s much vaunted nuclear program.

Yeah, right!

This is obviously a last desperate card being played by the Bush administration. An empty attempt to salvage their position on the Iraq war-funding bill.

They figure if they can scare the holy living shit out of people, then the voters will play along with their program.

Now this approach did work rather well for the first few years of the war. All the orange, yellow, purple and mauve terror alerts. People were on edge, off balance. Suspicious and distrustful. Let’s buy some duct tape and tape up all our doors and windows in case of a chemical or biological attack. Right now!
And Bush and his buddies kept America that way – all to their advantage.

The bitch is, eventually people have come to see through the farce.

All the justifications for the Iraq war have been proved to be false – there were no WMD, no nukes, no ties between Saddam and al Qaeda – no nothing. No rational or practical basis for invading Iraq. None. Saddam as it turns out, wasn’t a menace to anyone outside the borders of his country.

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