George W. Bush: Man or Moron?

Bush Moron!
So George Bush gives us platitudes, pats us on the head and tells us daddy knows best: the only way to succeed in Iraq and make America safe from the menace of al Qaeda is to increase troop levels there and send more American kids off to their deaths.

What a load of tripe!

I can’t believe he’s still peddling the tired myths about al Qaeda.
Let’s get this straight: before we got involved in Iraq, there was no link between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. Sure, they were both Sunni Muslims, but to say that they were even on speaking terms is a fantasy – Saddam was a secular Sunni; bin Laden is devout. Politically, theologically, philosophically and otherwise, bin Laden and Hussein were diametrically opposed.

To suggest that they were buddies because they were both Arabs is like saying Hillary Clinton and Jerry Falwell are best friends because they’re both Americans. Ludicrous at best.

By invading Iraq and deposing Saddam Hussein, we created an opportunity for al Qaeda to fight us head to head, in a territory where (once Saddam was out of the picture) they had friends.

Our invasion of Iraq is the best thing that ever happened to al Qaeda – because now they’ve got people beating down the door to volunteer to fight the “Crusaders” as they call us.

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