Dino: Stop the Madness!

Washington Governor’s Race

So Dino Rossi wants a new election?

Give me a break!

This guy has obviously been spending way too much time with Chris Vance (who is a world-class moron).

Take note, Dino: There is no legitimate basis whatsoever for a new election. None, zero, zip. The election is over, and you lost! And that is all she wrote.
It’s hard to imagine how the Republicans think they could justify a new election. Perhaps they’ve been smoking something?

Stop the madness, Dino, and concede the election now!

Governor Christine?

Washington Governor’s Race

So now the King County ballots are in, and it’s Christine Gregoire by 10 votes? What a deal!

Tomorrow, when King County includes the hundreds of disputed ballots – as they are allowed under today’s state Supreme Court decision – that lead may grow wider.

So maybe it’s finally over…

I guess Chris Vance can safely commit suicide now, or whatever it is he needs to do.

He does need to do something.

Over the past week or so, it’s become increasingly apparent that Vance and his Republican buddies have no interest at all in determining the real will of the people, and I find that truly appalling.

The Republican’s bid to exclude ballots from King County that were mishandled by election workers has shown their true colors – their whole objective was to exclude the predominately Democrat ballots, thus unfairly stealing the election, though legalistic machinations.

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Stop Whining Dino…

Washington State Governor’s Race

Poor, Poor Republicans.
The way these guys are whining, you’d think the end of the world was just around the corner.

The furor is over the 561 ballots from King County that were incorrectly tossed-out in the first count. It now appears the Democrats will succeed in getting the ballots counted in the ongoing hand recount, and that juicy fact has the Republican’s blood boiling.

State Republican Party Chairman Chris Vance, is particularly offensive with his holier than thou pronouncements about how this action of the Democrats will destroy the very fabric of our nation.

“I’m now becoming very worried that the Democrats are going to try to turn this into Florida,” said Vance.

Vance, obviously, is a mental giant.

Then another really great line was from Dino Rossi, who said something to the effect of, “If you go to court over the outcome of an election, pretty soon you’ll have the courts determining who gets elected, and that’s just wrong.”

Of course Rossi must be unaware of the 2000 presidential election where the US Supreme Court handed George Bush his victory. Or perhaps it was just okay when the courts decided that one because it went in their favor.

What a bunch of hypocritical bullshit.

If someone votes, it should be counted, period. They can’t be disenfranchised simply because some election worker screws up.

The must count all the ballots – and let the chips fall as they may.

Vance and Rossi need to take a lesson from Al Gore. All through the 2000 election fiasco, he never whined even once about Bush’s putsch.

Now what Gregoire is doing is actually legal – unlike what Bush did…

So stop whining Dino! Be a man!

The Neatest Thing In The World!

I just lucked into the neatest thing the other day: I found that they’re streaming vintage KFAT broadcasts on the web!

Here’s the link: click here
What you say, is KFAT? Just the best damned radio station that ever existed.

From 1975 to 1982, KFAT broadcast on 94 1/2 FM from Gilroy, the garlic capitol of the world. The broadcast area ran from Monterey and Salinas, up to Santa Cruz and San Jose – maybe San Francisco on a really good day.

While ostensibly a country station, KFAT distinguished itself mostly by having no play list at all. None. The DJ’s played what the hell they wanted – anything and everything.

In one half hour, you might hear Hank Williams Sr, Led Zeppelin, Dan Hicks, Joan Baez, Jimi Hendrix, David Allen Coe, Eric Clapton, and some Hawaiian cowboy music. Or maybe bluegrass interspersed with heavy metal. It was the damnedest station ever. Completely unpredictable.

They were big supporters of the local music scene around the Monterey Bay area. One of my fondest memories was when a band I managed (Stir Crazy) did a promo on the air at KFAT with Buffalo Bob Cassidy. That was a real trip. Bob interviewed the band, played tapes of some of our songs, and plugged our record.

Then there were all the Fat Fries and other concerts and what not that they put on. KFAT was a real institution around the Monterey Bay.
But it was too good to last

KFAT’s owner died in the early 80’s and willed the radio station to a non-profit corporation. While it had never been really profitable, KFAT then really went wild, and in a short period of time, rolled over and died. Another experiment in anarchy goes bad…

Luckily, much on that same Fatness has been reborn in KPIG . And in fact, many of the same DJ’s are there at KPIG. Same sort of music and the whole deal.
But it will still never be as good as the Fat One. I had pretty well resigned myself to life without KFAT.

And then KFAT resurfaced – after being dead for 22 years.

What happened, is that it seems that they’ve collected a bunch of tapes that people had recorded of actual KFAT shows way, way back in the 70’s and 80’s, and now they’re streaming those shows on the web.

So here I am again, listening to the Fat One again, and thinking I’m in heaven!

Seems just like a goddamned time machine!